Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back in the Day

So, I stumbled across these pictures on my lap top and thought they were too good to pass up. Nothing like a blast from the past!!! I think these pictures speak for themselves! P.S. the guy with the black hair is in fact my father! 

Must Love Dogs

Look at that face.... So I am making up for my absences with two posts in one night, all while watching a movie and failing to get my NEW sewing machine set up. I'm trying to make a baby shower present (which is on Saturday). Don't worry, I have a back up present if I can't outsmart this piece of technology. Chase will probably be thinking that I favor Max (the dog above) more than Tater (the dog that isn't posted) but I couldn't get Tater's picture to load without being blurry... so I opted out of it. Hope you're all having a good night!

Spring Break

ell, it happens to be spring break everywhere, but to those in the working world. You really realize how much you appreciated college when you are graduated and don't get those special holidays off. Chase and I didn't have a spring break, but LUCKILY Tyler and Rissa had one. They chose to come to Oklahoma for their break over Montana. I know this was a very tough decision for them, but hopefully we gave them a good time and they enjoyed their trip because we LOVED having them here. 

We started their visit with a trip to Ripley, OK for some four-wheeling Sunday afternoon. I am so glad we chose to go the first day they were here. We had the best weather for it. It was not too cold by any means and it didn't rain. The rest of the week was a little sketchy. We took two 4-wheelers, 4 turkey sandwiches, some water bottles, and 1 roll of toilet paper (or "butt wipe" as Gigi calls it). 

I guess I can't figure out how to get my pictures below on my post. (I'm still new at this, sorry). I hope everyone who was blessed enough to have a spring break enjoyed it. There were many of us who were less fortunate and longed for a week off from work, life, everything! Just a break.... 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Spontaneous Weekend

Well, I went home Friday from work with the expectations of doing nothing much besides lounging around the house and getting some necessary laundry done. Chase and I have been trying to plan a weekend to see our friends, Christina and Ian. They live in Arkansas. Well, we never seem to be available on the same weekends. We were looking into April.

Well, Christina called me Friday night while her and Ian were out to dinner and asked what we were doing this weekend and if we were up for some company. So about 8pm Christina and Ian packed and left Searcy, Arkansas to head west to Oklahoma City. Who says married couples aren't spontaneous. I had this strange thought all weekend... we would have never made that happen if any of us had kids. I guess that's when spontaneity goes out the window!?!

We stayed awake until about 1:30 waiting on Christina and Ian. We let our three dogs play together. Well, none of us got much sleep Friday night/early Saturday morning because Max (our dog) and Layla (their dog) decided that they were inseparable and they whined. ALL NIGHT. We finally got around Saturday morning and it was GORGEOUS outside. We took the dogs to the dog park and we stopped by the humane society to look at the puppies (for Christina and Ian's sake). I spent the rest of the weekend trying to convince Chase that a puppy isn't really what we need right now.

We had a really great, spontaneous weekend. Saturday is the big arrival of Tyler and Rissa and I can NOT wait! A little bit of home in Oklahoma!