Thursday, July 29, 2010

Moving Tips

Okay, I figured since I'll be new at this whole moving process, I needed some tips from wiser people that have done this before. So, any tips for moving into a house? Any little things that worked out well for you? Anything you would recommend not to do? I'm trying to be as organized as possible come August 20th. I mean I already took toilet paper to the house and hid it in a cupboard so we would know where at least one roll was. I thought that was pretty good!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Few of my favorite things...

Mainly due to the fact that I'm avoiding doing anything productive today, here is my list of a few of my favorite things:

10. The smell and warmth of clean laundry right out of the dryer. I wish I experienced it more (and that it stayed warmer longer)

9. Flea markets. I have become obsessed with the thoughts lately. I just love a good project and I seem to find lots of ideas at flea markets, and who doesn't love the price.

8. The idea of having our own house! This thought is possessing my thoughts lately. I'm very distracted, but my house is decorated great in my day dreams.

7. Diet coke. I just can't get enough. How many cans a day are too many?

6. The idea of running and working out. I love running and working out (well love as much as one can), but I find by the end of the day that I have not had any time to do it. Hence, tomorrow morning, I am going to try to get up and work out. We will see if this really does happen. (Don't get your hopes up).

5. My family! They are great. Wonderful. Amazing! I love them all.

4. Fall! I am ready for everything fall: the smell of candles, pumpkins, the brisk cool breeze, cute warm clothes, BOOTS!

3. Energy. I wish I had more of it. Period.

2. Blankets. I think I'm obsessed. One can never have too many soft, cuddly, warm, fluffy blankets. Another reason I'm ready for fall. Pile on the blankets.

1. 5 p.m. It means the work day is done and I can begin my few hours of a real day. I look forward to the 5 o'clock drive home... It's relaxing in a strange way. I realize that once I get home I only have about 5 hours of a "real day" ahead of me. And that's if I stay up late! Oh well... How many more years until retirement? : )

*Non of these are in a particular order. It's just all random. I'm just random.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Welcome Home

Happy Birthday to me!
Surprise! Below are some pictures of our "new" (but not ours until August 19th) house
Entry way and view into the dining room
Spacious laundry room
Our bathroom!
Looking down the hallway toward the bedrooms
Our living room and the windows to the back of the house
The kitchen and eating area
Our lovely dining room!
And the happy homeowners!
Chase and I close on our house August 19th, providing everything goes good from now until then! Here are some pictures of the humble abode (let's hope I didn't just jynx our home inspection that is tomorrow!)

* I don't know how to blog yet, because this short blip was supposed to be at the top! Oh well!