Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You know you live in Oklahoma when...

(I plan on making this one "theme" that commonly occurs on here!)

You know you live in Oklahoma when... they say a cold front is coming and that cold front is still 95 degrees. Here I was all excited to not sweat anytime I stepped out my front door. Better luck next time, i guess.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And there was a dip in pride levels today

Can I just paint this picture for you? It's Oklahoma in June, which means it is hot and humid. If you are surprised by this little fact, well... I just don't know how that can come as a shocker to anyone. Below is the story of how I faced humility in the hot and humid Oklahoma weather. I really should take a look at my priorities after this incident. Bear with me, since this story is a little long winded, and has no pictures (for a very good reason). 

I am taking my usual trip to Sam's Club for work. The list is pretty much the same every time I go in there. Lots (and by lots I mean 5 flats) of Diet Dr. Pepper, a little less diet coke, and maybe one or two other regular sodas, some crackers, plates, paper towels, etc... That's really the extent. The thing that kills me is trying to push a cart and maneuver a cart around Sam's Club with that much soda on it. Not to mention that strange stares (and comments) I get all the while. I swear people think I'm ADDICTED to diet pop. I just want to tell them no because it does not have sonic ice in it. That's another addiction to face on another day. 

I checked out and decided that an ice cream cone sounds amazing! I'm standing in line to purchase my much anticipated treat to satisfy my sore throat (goes with all of our housing issues) and sweet tooth. Well, I'm contemplating this ice cream cone thing. After all, how smart is it to get an ice cream CONE when I still have to LOAD all of those cans of soda into my car. What will I do with the ice cream cone? The very nice cashier lady tells me that they do not have ice cream cones but I can get an ice cream cup. SPLENDID. This solves all the problems I'm hashing out in my head. Not. The nice cashier gave me the most for my $0.97 and filled the cup about 3-4 inches past the brim. My cup overfloweth with ice cream  (and yes, I used my debit card for this purchase, which is a later problem) Now I am sorta back to square one. 

I head out the doors and into the blazing sun with my cart of diet sodas, my ice cream-- which is now melting rapidly, my purse, and my Sonic that I went into Sam's with (yes, I came out double-fisting). It's a long trek to my car. The whole way there I'm wondering how I'm going to load my groceries with one hand when I can't lift the pop at all with just one hand. I'm thinking I can set the ice cream down on the pavement, well it's windy (hello, it's Oklahoma!), and I would risk my ice cream blowing over. Well, I worked too hard to get this little treat and that cannot happen. I seriously was stressing out about this.  By the time I get to my car, I must have this frazzled look on my face. 

A wonderful cart-collector boy strolls up like he is going to save my day, or what's left of my ice cream. He tells me not to worry about my groceries and to just start my car and he'll load everything, so I can take care of the ice cream soup I'm about to have. Apparently, I looked like a damsel in distress with ice cream melting all over me. I am a little wary about getting into my car with this much of a problem. Chase will think I trashed my car (and I'm trying to prove that I can keep a clean car)

So a brainiac idea comes to me... I'll kneel down and scoop some of the ice cream out so it's not so full, and then it will quit dripping. Well, that's great except I'm about 20 degrees and 5 minutes too late for that. It's already melted a lot and so I am kneeling next to my car (in my skirt) and shoveling ice cream into my mouth since that's the best solution I have come up with at this point. I never once thought that I'd be kneeling in public, in a skirt, just to get the ice cream down my throat, QUICKLY. I paused for the briefest of moments when the nice fellow came around the side of the car to put the toilet paper in my back seat. He made some comment about how he should tell my husband what I am doing. As embarrassed as I am, I stand up and try to recoup this whole melting situation. Just in time to drop a load of ice cream down my skirt. Lovely. I mean where are your friends when you need them. When I really want to laugh about some absurd situation, where are your friends. Then again, had my friends been there, I may not have been in that predicament. 

The nice fella' loaded all my groceries, proceeded to help the crazy ice cream lady get herself off the parking lot and quit shoveling ice cream in to make some comment about helping people load groceries as a summer job to get tips for school. Well, that's the icing on my cake. I just paid for a $0.97 ice cream cone with my debit card. I have no cash, so I ignore the comment and go on about the ice cream melting all over me. Let me just say had I had cash, he probably would've gotten a hefty tip. I mean how many people would help a distressed looking lady just so she can squat in the parking lot and eat her ice cream. I am pretty sure this guy was thinking this white girl has some serious problems, not to mention that she's holding her skirt down from the wind in between her knees while ice cream is dripping down her hands, up her arms, and on her shoes. Let's be honest, he may not have even wanted my money because more than likely it'd be covered in ice cream and sticky. 

Yes, there was a slight dip in my pride levels today. I may never get ice cream again at Sam's, or do it in the winter time. I just hope I never run into that fellow again, for good reasons! 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Man of my dreams

Can I just tell you how much I love this guy?

I am a little overwhelmed with the thought that we have been married for 9 months (tomorrow). It just seems like it has flown by (overall). Any of you that know us, know that it has not been a boring 9 months, and we still have 3 to go. I am somewhat nervous! Let's recap. 

September 12th - we got married and the power went out at our reception. Our honeymoon was in Hawaii. We loved it, but our flight was about 8-10 hours delayed, and we found this out once we got to the airport. Fun times were had by all. 

Things mellowed out for a while until I rear ended a truck (with a huge trailer hitch). This was my first accident too. Then  Christmas time came and we were hit with a huge snowstorm. 

And down below we have the great ice storm of 2010, which was accompanied by our furnace breaking. WE HAVE GREAT LUCK.  I like to look at it more like little obstacles from God. We definitely have had our laughs over these past 9 months. We've endured hail storms, orbital blow out fractures, just about anything you could imagine to go wrong with a house HAS. 

Let me just tell you...... I LOVE BEING MARRIED and I LOVE CHASE! I just completely adore him! He is so sweet and sincere. He is never one to let me down or keep me from laughing. He definitely knows how to put a smile on my face. How can you not love that? 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yup, Neko and Max LOVE each other
I just love this girl. She's amazing! 
Yup, gang's all here- after a long weekend! 
If anyone knows Tater, this is SO solemn of him
And here's the real Tater. 

Chase was so brave, and he didn't cry, that he deserved a whole post dedicated to him and his injury. Here are a couple more pictures of our trip back home, unfortunately, none of them were taken before the great hit of 2010. Excuse our looks in any of these pictures, as you can imagine, we endured a lot! 

There's No Place Like Home

And if he never wants to go back to Illinois, can you blame him? 

This is what my wonderful, sweet, amazing husband endured in Illinois. I am proud to say that he did stand up to the phrase, "There's NO crying in baseball." Chase took one for the team, and let me tell you-- it was a nasty one. This is a couple days later and it doesn't look SO bad. This is an orbital blowout fracture, which was endured by the baseball that Chase's father-in-law hit right back to him, with a slight hop and some nasty top-spin. 

I am happy to report that Chase is healing quite well. He is very colorful, I might add. He endured  a 14-hour car ride with me driving him back to Oklahoma. Thankfully, it was not my first rodeo, and I'd made the LONG drive many times before. We cut our trip short so we could get him back to the eye doctor and ENT specialist to make sure he really was going to be okay. God was definitely watching over Chase when he got hit. He doesn't have to have surgery and his eye sight is fine. He will be very colorful for a while, but it'll heal on it's own. I might add that I get a lot of strange looks from people in public. I am waiting for the Department of Human Services to show up on my door step any day now. 

We are okay with joking about this subject a little bit more now that we know he is okay. I should probably add that my dad does NOT hate this wonderful husband of mine, and he feels absolutely awful! 

There's no place like home, right....