Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Marriage is...

Chase yelling, at our chocolate lab mix, "Max, if you don't quit licking my ear, I am going to turn you into tootsie rolls." Now, I'm not sure how this will happen, and being a fan of Max I am hoping it doesn' t happen, but it was funny to hear from another room. I will admit, I cracked up, but just a bit.

I just love...

the Pioneer Woman. First off, who doesn't? If you don't know who she is, go to the store and buy her cookbook. You will not regret it. Or you can visit her website at http://www.thepioneerwoman.com/. She is thoroughly entertaining. She has amazing recipies. She has photography. She's got the whole package. I just printed off her Blackberries with SweetCream recipe. She may make my "grocery envelope" expand. I am going to have to cut back in other places so I can keep buying ingredients to make her recipes.

On a side note, it is much cooler here and I am loving that. This weekend is the Czech festival in Yukon. Since Chase and I are residents in Yukon, we will have to check it out, and the kolachi's (not really sure how you spell that). We'll update you later on how good they are!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Just so everyone knows, there is a pumpkin shortage. I was basically bummed when I heard this and scoured the shelves in every grocery store I could find for the orange cans of bliss. Well, I couldn't find them. I was going to resort to buying pie pumpkins and baking them and mashing their insides for some pumpkin flavor (thanks Mom for the idea).

Well, I found some pumpkin at Aldi, of all places, and it was only 89 cents a can. Monday was definitely my day. Chase accompanied me on the excursion. We bought 24 cans at Aldi (drove 20 minutes one way to get there). Well, we swung by the Homeland grocery store by our house (not kidding, right down the block) on the way home to get some necessities for our Pumpkin Pasta Sauce we were going to have for dinner.

I just thought I should look and see if Homeland has pumpkin... sure enough, they do! Chase couldn't resist laughing at me and asking "Did you not check this store?" "Well, honey, I checked the other Homeland 2 blocks away and they didn't have any. I just didn't think this one would."

Lesson learned, I should probably check the grocery store right by my house. Rest easy though. I have pumpkin, picked some up from Homeland that night (just in case) and went to the grocery store last night and picked up a few more (shh. Don't tell Chase). I think I am set for the pumpkin shortage. I figure if I stock up and silly people who aren't prepared need it, I can make a profit off of my 89 cent orange wonders!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Why won't they budge...

Those extra pounds around my middle, or anywhere for that fact. They simply do NOT budge. I mean, I made it out of college without gaining the "freshman 15." I am sure I gained a little bit more once I moved to OC instead of my ritual workouts with Rissa at the Y and teaching dance/tumbling for 4 nights a week. I became a little more sluggish at OC, but I started running with Corlie and things were looking up.... Well, now I am married and it seems that my pounds have made a home on me, and invited a few of their friends. Why? Why are they so hospitable?

Well, this week I am doing something about it. Not just this week, but hopefully it'll be a good change! I got some new running shoes, and they are toners like the MBT shoes and Reebok Easy tones. You can't see the toners, so maybe it'll be my little kept secret (that I just shared with you). I wore them to the fair last night, and while walking around for 4 hours and I totally left the fair feeling the extra workout I had thanks to these shoes.

So, tonight it starts! I am planning on running the loop around our house (which is close to a mile) and then walking it, or doing a workout DVD and walking the loop with Chase and the dogs. Please hold me accountable. I've reached my brink, and it's time to change!

Monday, September 13, 2010

One Year

Yesterday, Chase and I celebrated our first year of marriage!! It's like finishing a marathon, just kidding! It has been a great year. Eventful, but great! He was the sweetest husband yesterday! I felt like I kept finding anniversary cards. Everywhere. In the middle of church, I opened my bible up, to find another card. It was just too precious!! I just love him so much.

Today starts the Monday blah's.... My parents went back home, Chase randomly had to leave for Texas (with no good-bye), and I lost the crown to my tooth. Happy day. Welcome to the start of year 2 in married life.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Marriage is....

hopping in an empty bathtub, fully clothed to eat my bowl of ice cream with my husband.

I was drying my hair (after letting him dye it) and he got us two bowls of ice cream. Well, he must've decided he wanted to stay in the bathroom with me and the bathtub seemed like a great spot to get some r & r while enjoying his Snickers ice cream. I finished drying my hair and joined in... I love married life.

** I did take a picture of my husban'd great idea, but have yet to post it. Someday.**