Sunday, May 16, 2010

Storm Stories

This is the size of hail we received... after it had melted an hour or two later....
Not even to begin the coverage of what our house looked like when we got home. 
Looking in my car from the sun roof....
And the back of my car. 

And my storm stories just keep getting better, according to mom! Oklahoma got another storm system through today. Rotation, but no tornado. You would think with the damages at our house, we had endured a tornado. 

We came home to the back windshield and sunroof completely knocked out with the hail. My front windshield was all cracked and spider-webbed. After we got over the shock of what my car looked like, we realized that we had more fish to fry. Our living room and kitchen windows were knocked out by hail. We had a huge mess on our hands to clean up. 

It's a work in progress now. Hello Monday!!! 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You're never too little to have fun...

Just makes me think of the movie "Hatari." If you haven't seen it, there's this hilarious scene with ostriches. They were fun to watch. 
As strange as this sounds, and as crazy as you think I am... There is nothing more graceful than a giraffe. I don't know how, or why, but they are so elegant in their moves. 
Who knew peacocks were this cool? I did know that the feathers made great decorations and a great theme for our wedding! 

Chase and I graced the Oklahoma City Zoo as a surprise date before he left for Davis. Unfortunately, I love to guess surprises and happened to get this one right, but he maintained his dignity and the surprise by lying and saying that wasn't where we were going. I knew better (because I'd had the same idea for a date, but he got to do his date first). We had a great day, and it was wonderful weather. 

"God created the Heavens and the Earth.." I just was in amazement at these magnificent creatures that we saw, and that's not even a touch on the surface of everything God created. It just blows my mind. Much less Adam, naming all of these animals. Can you imagine being Noah and his family and being on the ark with all of these. Praying that all ____ doesn't break loose between the whole animal kingdom, and their spouse. I just had such a great time at the zoo. We took our time, and took in the beauty and originality of all the creatures. We distinguished the difference between male and female peacocks (yes, that was my lesson for Chase), the difference between grizzly bears and brown/black bears (Also, my lesson to him. I thought it'd be useful before Montana this summer). 

And yes, the trip was even completed with a stick of PINK cotton candy, and sadly no pictures of us. I was too enthralled with the beauty of all the animals! 

Easter Weekend

Squinty eyes, but regardless- our first Easter as a married couple. And yes, we both got each other something (the night before). 
I know what you're thinking... the purse does look good with Dad's outfit! 
Not the best picture I have ever taken... the sun was so bright on that early, Easter morning!

For Easter weekend, Chase and I met my parents in Kansas City. We hadn't seen them since the last time we all met in Kansas City, which was Thanksgiving weekend. Notice a trend there?! It's our halfway point (a little longer drive for my parents and a little shorter drive for us), since the full 13 hours is just not manageable in a weekend! 

Warning! Miscellaneous Post

Chase is no longer allowed to cut his hair, even with supervision. He decided to buzz his head and it was looking pretty good. I fixed the couple spots he missed and he was looking good to go. Well, he decided to go over it just one more time... The guard fell off the razor as his head was tipped upside down over the trash can (yes, he's very respectful for not getting loose hairs on my floor). This was the outcome. Tragically, he had to shave the rest to match. I am proud to report though, that it's growing back quite quickly! 
Well, this was our first candlelit dinner... and I ate out of a tupperware bowl because the rest of my regular bowls were in the dishwasher... Can you say romance?!
Life is just rough for this little puppy.... He was tuckered from chewing out all of the stuffing and took a nap, while his momma cleaned up the mess he so kindly made for me. 

Spring Break #2

So this is a little old, but here are some more pictures from Tyler and Rissa's visit! 

Oklahoma Spring Time

So this is a walk down memory lane...

My first summer that I stayed in Oklahoma, I lived in my apartment at OC with my roommate Kate. We always had a blast together, and there were many laughs to be shared. Well, we are both extremely heavy sleepers! One night we were abruptly awoken by our phase manager/babysitter yelling at us both in our rooms. We had slept through her ringing the doorbell, which caused her to come in and scream at us. Well, little did we know, we were also sleeping through the tornado siren. The first thing she's shouting at us is "You've got to get out of here now and get to DAH" Well, when you're dead asleep, you wake in a full panic when there's a tornado about to head your way.

Well, we are both extremely brilliant ladies, we roll out of our beds and run out the door and head for DAH, which is the underground building on campus. Neither of us thought to grab our room keys, shoes, jackets, etc. You name it, and we forgot it. We took off RUNNING across a huge empty field for the safety of this building. Anyone who has gone to OC knows that the tornado siren is right on campus. We endure powerful wind gusts, hail, pelting rain through this treck of ours. We are holding hands running for our lives for safety. Well, I happen to run over/through the smallest little shrub, which happens to be the ONLY thing in this massive, empty field on OC. I don't have my contacts in, and if I had been smart enough to grab my glasses, it wouldn't have mattered since they don't have little windshield wipers on them.

Kate and I made it to safety.... Long story just to say that last night officially started spring in OKC. Well, I drove to the safety of my in-laws with both wet, muddy dogs in my back seat (yes I am now in need of a car detail) without my husband, who happens to still be in Davis. I just wanted to say, that I miss running from tornados with Kate. They just aren't as fun any other way!

Sorry for the lack of pictures! I promise, it's on my to-do list for tonight!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The lack of title pretty much sums up this blog. I don't have anything exciting going on. I don't think ya'll want to hear about the bugs that are dying around my house because Chase's grandpa has sprayed (God bless him). I'm surviving my first week with Chase in Davis. I'm becoming sleep deprvied, no thanks to our alarm system. I guess I'll tell you that story....

Here's a little background- Chase and I live in a quaint, nice neighborhood in Oklahoma City. It's pretty quiet, except around rushhour (thanks to Chesapeake). Well, there are rent houses all down our street, which makes for new neighbors frequently. Well, we got some questionable ones next door and the sweetest old lady across the street. We call her Cricket, no clue what her real name is (should probably put that on my list to find out). So back to last night... My alarm system starts going off. It is so loud and annoying and it woke me up.

Oh! By alarm system, I mean Max and Tater. Max is a chocolate lab (mix) and Tater is a blue heeler. Tater gets down from the bed and starts barking and growling at our back door (which is in our bedroom, happy day!). Max barks and growls from the comfort of my bed. Well, I of course freak out. Dogs have good intuitions, so I knew they had a reason to bark. I'm hoping and praying it's an animal, preferrably a small one. I find my glasses, quietly in case someone is lurking outside my window. I look to see if there are any shadows moving across the deck, coast looks clear. I call Chase. I just wanted him on the phone while I was about to open the door to the "hairy, scary monster." After all, I needed a witness. Why not have one 2 hours away that cis pretty much helpless, and doesn't remember talking to me last night. I did feel better having him on the phone though.

I opened the door to let the guard dogs out. They just go running into the darkness. I lock the door, with them running in the back yard at 1 am, run to the bathroom and return. I let them back in, fight with Tater to get him to come back in and re-lock the door. I say good night to Chase (again) and curl back up in my bed. Keep in mind, I said my prayers before bedtime and I started saying them all over. I'm sure I sounded like a little kid who thought a monster was under their bed. I know God understands and appreciates me coming to him in my time of need.

Well I wake up again at 3 due to Tater's whining! Yes. It's like having a newborn. He gets up every couple of hours and whines (which is the most horrific sound a dog can make, especially him). So I decide to let him out and leave him. After all, I have an outside alarm system now along with the one that's curled up in my bed.

Friday night, I plan on crashing, in my husband's arms and sleeping so heavy! Until then, I should probably get back to work (or day dream about taking a nap).... I hope everyone else slept better than I did.