Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning Project # 1

Lately, the weather down here in OK has been wonderful and warm and wonderful! I have had spring fever for a couple of days (weeks). Tonight, I decided that my guest closet needed a little TLC. I have been neglecting it, throwing stuff in it when I need it out of my way elsewhere. It has just become a "catch all," and that is not what I want my guest closet to look like, so I tackled this little spring cleaning project! It looks much better! Be prepared to be amazed!

Looking down on all the clutter (eek!)

More clutter on this side of the closet too

So these aren't in the closet at the moment, but they did reside on the middle shelf. I swear. I crammed a lot of goodies into that closet!

Another angle of the junk!

Ah, much better!

Craft stuff on one side and sewing items on the other

The hub's clothes had to stay (or I have to make room in my closet for them, so they had to stay here)

So I know you didn't see what was inside of these tupperware drawers, but I moved my DVDs to little baskets in the living room and put all my crafting supplies into the bins. They are nice and organized and easily accessible right now!

Another thing I did was organize my stock-pile of cards. I grouped them together by holiday, blank cards, etc. They are easy to find and in the drawer with my gift wrapping supplies!

These were all just a few minor adjustments that I made to my guest closet. It didn't cost me anything but a little time and attention. I actually plan on selling some of those lamps that got exiled in our garage sale in the spring, so maybe (down the road), I will make some money off of this clean-up! Can't complain about that.

So do you have spring fever? Have you organized anything (big or small) lately? Did you do it for free, or did you buy a few organizing products? Did you have a great Monday? (not sure great and Monday go well together but I'm entertaining the idea).

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